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 Are you tired of making a new cardboard sign after every demonstration?

Your message is getting lost on your festival poster?

Your demo sign is already damaged after your arrival?

Discover all the features and advantages of our cardboard sign here:

  • Built-in handle - you can easily hold the cardboard sign with one hand
  • Holder for one stem - The sign has a built-in holder for one stem. So you can be sure that everyone can see your message
  • Made in Germany
  • 100% recyclable material
  • Lightweight - The cardboard sign weighs only approx. 0.2 kg and is therefore ideal for long-term demonstrations
  • Large - The dimensions are 59,5x42x1 cm, so you have enough space to write down your message
  • White - The white color of the sign provides a perfect contrast to your message. It is therefore very suitable for additional paintings

The sign is delivered without handle and blank!

Delivery time:
2-3 working days 


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Funny Demo Signs

stop climate change, the beer must remain cold.

I was told there would be cake here.

The people behind me can't see.

Demo signs Fridays For Future

No tolerance for climate ignorance

Be a man of honor and save the earth!

If the environment is a bank, you would have saved it long ago.

There was no suitable demo slogan for you? Then take a look at our collection of demo slogans for climate protection.

We are constantly expanding our collection and topics, so that there is a suitable demo slogan for everyone.


Sprüche für mehr Interaktion

Free Hugs

Look what I can do!

Turn in a circle

Random festival slogans


I <3 Unicorns

Save the forest, eat more beaver

The next festival is just around the corner and you have already bought your festival poster? Then the only thing missing is the right festival slogan for you.

We have already put together a large collection of Festival sayings.

Here you will find an overview of the most popular and best festival topics.

You can find more in our blog: The best festival banners for cardboard signs.


FSC Zertifizierung von Pappschild Demonstrationsschild Festival Plakat Demo Schild

The FSC logo signals to the consumer that the paper is made from wood that comes from responsible forestry. The FSC logo is awarded by the non-profit organizationForest Stewardship Council.

Made in Germany: Pappschild Demonstrationsschild Festival Plakat Demo Schild
100% Made in Germany

The entire value chain is located in Germany. This enables us to guarantee fast delivery times of 1-2 working days and an optimal climate balance.

Recyclebar: Pappschild Demonstrationsschild Festival Plakat Demo Schild
Recyclable materials

The cardboard sign is made of recyclable materials. Both the cardboard material and the glue are natural products..