Demoschilder und Pappschilder, Pappschild für Demonstrationen / Festivals / Werbung
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Your cardboard sign
Lightweight, stable and environmentally friendly

Demo sign, festival poster and billboard in one

Its weight, size and functions make our cardboard sign the perfect choice for demonstrations, festivals and advertising purposes.

HS OFFICIAL wishes you #AllTheBest
Pappschild Demonstrationsschild Festival Plakat Demo Schild
DeinPappschild - Demonschild - Protest - Protestschild - demo plakat - demoplakat - demonstration - demonstrationsschild - Festival plaka

The cardboard label has a built-in handle on the back of the card for your hand for easier carrying.

In addition, the low weight of 200g is also important. In comparison, a pack of butter normally weighs 250g.

The cardboard sign has a size ofDIN A2, so that every message fits on it.

Therefore, our cardboard sign is optimally suited for Demonstrationen, Festivals und Co.

Hochwertig & Schnell

Environmentally friendly and Made in Germany

FSC Zertifizierung von Pappschild Demonstrationsschild Festival Plakat Demo Schild

The FSC logo signals to the consumer that the paper is made from wood that comes from responsible forestry. The FSC logo is awarded by the non-profit organizationForest Stewardship Council.

Made in Germany: Pappschild Demonstrationsschild Festival Plakat Demo Schild
100% Made in Germany

The entire value chain is located in Germany. This enables us to offer fast delivery times of 1-2 working days and an optimal climate balance.

Recyclebar: Pappschild Demonstrationsschild Festival Plakat Demo Schild
Recyclable materials

The cardboard sign is made of recyclable materials. Both the cardboard material and the glue are natural products.

Say goodbye to old cardboard boxes

Cardboard signs are heavier, unwieldy and you can't see the message on them.

These problems belong to the past.

Where can the cardboard sign be used?

Demonstration Demo Demonstrationsschild Demo Plakat

Use your cardboard sign as a demonstration sign.

The cardboard sign is ideal for demonstrations of all kinds due to its light weight and sustainable production.

Festival Plakat Schild Sprüche Musik-Veranstaltung

Use your cardboard sign as a festival poster.

The cardboard sign is stable and is delivered blank. This gives you the best basis for a crisp message on your festival.


Use your cardboard sign as a simple advertising banner.

You have a simple message and want to share it? Say goodbye to long texts and immediately include your message in your mail.

What's next?

The development of the cardboard sign continues and we have listened to you

Two major innovations are essentially imminent:

1. Individualization and design of your strong cardboard sign: This opens up completely new possibilities to make your sign look unique and easy to use.

2. A handle to increase the size of your cardboard sign: On the back of the sign there is already a suitable device to insert a handle into the sign. For an optimal hold we are currently developing an optimal wooden stick for it.


Simply unwrap, label and the sign is ready. So simple and yet so time-saving.

Felix L.

Lightweight, functional and environmentally friendly. Here I can buy my signs with a clear conscience.

Sarah F.

The sign arrived already 2 days after the order, top! The sign itself is also very well processed and fulfills its purpose completely.

Sven O.

Are you ready for
the next festival?

Show your artist who his biggest fan is

Sicheres bezahlen & 100% Käuferschutz


Deine Meinung ist wichtig und genauso standhaft und nachhaltig wie unser Pappschild, eben ein perfektes Duo! Egal ob als FestivalschildDemoschild oder als Werbeschild: Unser Pappschild ist dank der innovativen Falttechnik sofort einsatzbereit und garantiert eine lange Lebensdauer. Auch verschiedene Wetterbedingungen können deiner Botschaft nichts anhaben, denn unser Pappschild trotzt den verschiedenen Wetterverhältnissen. Überzeuge dich selbst von den Vorteilen unseres Pappschilds und verleihe deiner Botschaft einen starken Halt.