About us


HS-Official - The history of origins
Behind HS-Official are two young students with the goal of motivating people and helping them to share their message with others.

But how did it come about?
Again and again we have participated in festivals where we repeatedly experienced the same problems:
Making the signs and posters we brought with us took a lot of time, the right materials were missing and in the end the sign was already broken before it could even be used.

We are not alone with these problems. We asked around and it soon turned out that every festival visitor has experienced these difficulties. The same applies to other events, such as demonstrations and stadium visits.
"Fine, then just order a sign on the Internet." Nothing there!
There is indeed no high-quality, sustainable supplier whose products meet the requirements of festival, demonstration and stadium visitors.

So we had the choice:
Either we let people figure out for themselves how to get their message across.


We are developing a sign ourselves, with which we solve the problem shared by millions of people at a stroke.

The one solution was not really up for debate.
And so the "Protesto" sign was born.

Over time, we came up with some useful features. We have integrated these benefits into the product. These include, for example, a handle to hold the sign with just one hand - or a holder for a handle so that you can hold the sign even higher.
The result is a sign not only for the hand but also for a handle.

We have tested and optimized the sign extensively - and have already received very positive feedback. The exchange with users is very important to us, so that we can continue to improve the product in the future.