Festival sayings: The best sayings for cardboard signs

The festival season starts soon and you are still looking for the best slogan for your cardboard sign or poster? We have compiled festival slogans from different categories for you, so there is the right slogan for everyone.

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What do you need a cardboard sign for anyway?

The original reason for a cardboard sign at a festival is to motivate the artist/DJ/singer on stage and show his fan love. This includes the following classic festival sayings:

Martin Garrix - I love you!

Play the song again!

Call me [your number] - [your name]

In the course of time other reasons developed to bring a cardboard sign with the right festival slogan. Basically the signs are addressed to other festival visitors, which can create funny situations. For each category we presented our top 3 - tastes are different of course, but there should be something for everyone.

Festival sayings about cardboard signs

Top 3 über Schilder

Festival Sprüche - Pappschilder - lustig

As a true festival visitor, a cardboard sign is of course also part of the basic equipment. You don't know which category is the right one for you, but you still want to bring a sign? Then the classic sign slogans on a cardboard sign are the right thing for you:

Attention sign

This is a sign


I as a cardboard sign recommend you burritos!

Only idiots hold up signs

I also have a sign with me

Cardboard signs are what for cardboard noses

Make signs, not war

Drilling the shield is heavy

This is my sign

This is not a cardboard sign


Instead of umbrella

Instead of jute bags

What is so cool about signs again?

My sign is cooler than yours

Sign for sale

This sign is only an illusion

Why do you need a cardboard sign?!

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Mommy Festival Sayings

Top 3 für Mama

Festival Sprüche - Mama Sprüche - lustig

Let your mom know you're okay!

Mom All the best

Mom, I'm fine

Mama, I love you

Sponsored by Mama

Mama I am on television

Sorry mom, battery empty

Mama thinks I camp

Beer Lover

Top 3 für Trunkenbolde

Festival Sprüche - Bier - lustig

Would you like a beer or a drink? You are looking for like-minded people? Then let the other festival visitors know and enjoy the festival!

Still drunk from yesterday

Need Weed

Beer donations welcome

Singing/dance/stripe/... for beer

After the last beer is the end

I want a beer from you!

Better 2 per mille than no inner values at all

Filthy humor

Top 3 für Unanständige

Festival Sprüche - Versaut - lustig

Do you always think ambiguously or do you not want to spend the night alone? Then you should use the following sayings:

Slatted frame is not a venereal disease

Summer out, it's tits

Tits out, it's summer

Save a lollipop. Eat a pussy


Under my clothes I am naked

You! Come along! Sex!

Please go on, prostitution is prohibited here

Initiate reanimation measures

Why is there so much straw here?

Look for man with ponytail - hairstyle doesn't matter

Headline: Eye test - Painting ever smaller genitals underneath

Invitations and offers

Top 3 für mehr Interaktion

Festival Sprüche - Interaktionen - lustig

With these sayings you will definitely meet new people at the festival.

Cuddling 1 €

Here could be your advertisement

Turn in a circle

Hoppel further

Free Hugs

Free Asskicks

Only look, do not touch

Just keep walking

What are you looking at

Here could be your advertisement

Look what I can do!

Slow motion!

Smile at me if you want to give me a picture

Arbitrary sayings

Top 3 - Zufällige

Festival Sprüche - Random - lustig

Do you want to warn other festival visitors, make them think, or just give them an arbitrary message? Just write it on a cardboard sign.

I <3 Unicorns




Such a fireball boy

Must go to the toilet

Save the forest, eat more beaver

I am a princess

Sorry. Your penis is on fire

No dog toilet here

Brush your teeth after dinner

Attention, wild Pokemon

Sayings combined with arrows

Top 3 mit Pfeilen

Festival Sprüche - Pappschilder - lustig

Involve your environment and make them laugh or warn other visitors about your friends. The possibilities are unlimited.

Consolation prize -->

He stinks of Maggi -->

Single --> 

More funny sayings

Top 3 - Weitere

Festival Sprüche - Sonstige - lustig

Please do not push, have a yogurt in your backpack

Please don't push, I am slightly tied up

Finally normal people

Horny spot

Please read here

I have nothing to say

My arms already hurt

The main thing is to attract attention

On a boat: iceberg ahead

Tell us your problem, please

The person behind us sees nothing

There is no suitable slogan for you?

Let the other festival visitors know:

All the cool sayings were already taken

You have more festival slogans? Write them in the comments.


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