Demo slogans for climate protection and against climate change

You are still looking for the right slogans for climate protection and want to help stop climate change? Great!

Here you can find the right demo slogans for your cardboard sign.

We have integrated the demo slogans into different topics for you.

Demo slogans...


Demo sign of Greta Thunberg

Klimaschutz demo sprüche klimawandel demosprüche - greta thunberg

Probably the best known demo sign in terms of climate protection at the moment is by Greta Thunberg and marks the beginnings of the Fridays For Future movement.

Skolstrejk för Klimatet


Demo slogans against marine pollution

Top 3 für saubere Gewässer


Klimaschutz demo sprüche klimawandel demosprüche - meeresverschmutzung

The excessive consumption of plastics and the lack of disposal for plastic waste lead to a pollution of the seas. Who likes that already? Choose a suitable demo slogan and demonstrate against the pollution of the seas.

Finds demo (fish with garbage)

Fischers Fritz fishes plastic.

Less plastic is sea!


We suffocate in plastic

Stop the wah - Plastic spar'n

Stop plastic

Bye Bye Plastic

You are afraid of foreigners - We are afraid of flooding


Demo slogans against factory farming

Top 3 gegen Massentierhaltung


Klimaschutz demo sprüche klimawandel demosprüche - massentierhaltung

Die 5 größten Fleisch- und Molkereikonzerne schaden unserem Klima mehr als die größten Ölkonzerne“ - Marc Röhlig. You would like to participate in a demo against factory farming, but don't know which demo slogan is right for you? Here you will surely find the right one.

Climate protection begins on the plate (pig skewered and world skewered)

Let it all hang out

Stop eating animals.

Animals out, out of the laboratories - slaughterhouses, destroy slaughterhouses

Against domination and repression - for the vegan revolution!

Against Nazis and speciesists - Fight the power, fight the system!

Today is not the end of all days - we will be back, no question!

Have you no conscience?!

No Border! No Nation! Animal Liberation!

Terrorists, that's what you are! - Torture and prey on the animal.

All the dead already forgotten? Drink, buy and forget!

You have declared war on animals, don't think that nobody will fight back

Everything for everyone - and vegan!

We are many, we are crass - antispe, there is something else.

Riot - resistance - there is no quiet carving country!

People stop staring, join the demo.

Animal liberation - solidarity - live vegan, otherwise it's too late!

Animals feel, animals suffer

Against every form of rule - speciesism is a part of it!

Shame, shame, shame on you!

Animals behind bars and in the gorge - profit, that is the real reason!

The resistance, that is us. Revenge for every murdered animal.

Blow up the banks - blow up the palaces - but first all cages and jails!

For the animals we stand here. Revenge for every murdered animal.

People and animals are not capital.

Fight back, intervene - stand up for the animals

If you do not want to hear the cries of the animals, we must disturb your peace

No more profit at the expense of the animals

Can you not hear the cries of the animals? We must disturb your peace

You have stolen the rights of the animals, we will get them back.

Respect instead of thousandfold animal murder, empathy instead of cruelty to animals - respect instead of thousandfold animal murder, veganism and all become free

Animal liberation, human right - a fight, a battle

Stop the profit at the expense of the animals!

One struggle, one fight - human freedom, animal rights

We are loud and we are here - demanding rights for every animal.

We demand rights for every animal - we despise cruelty to animals.

Hands off! Hands off animals!

Today is not every day, we will be back, no question!

For freedom, for life!

No forgive, no forget - murderers have names and addresses!

Down with the rule, for anarchy. Liberation of the animals, now or never!


Demo slogans against global warming

Top 3 gegen die globale Erderwärmung

Klimaschutz demo sprüche klimawandel demosprüche - erderwärmung

The Paris Convention on Climate Change, also known as the Paris Convention, was adopted in Paris on December 12, 2015 and is intended to serve as the successor to the Kyoto Protocol. The goal of the agreement is to limit global warming to 1.5 to 2.0 °C. This is intended to reduce ice melting or sea-level rise and limit extreme climate events such as heat waves, floods and droughts. The life of humans, animals and plants will be protected. In the Kyoto Protocol as well as in the Paris Climate Agreement, it was decided to reduce the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere in order to achieve the set goals. The reason for this is the strong positive correlation between the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere and the temperature on earth over the last 400,000 years.

Saving the climate!

The earth is boiling with rage

Grandpa? What is a snowman?

Stops global warming

Soon it will be as hot as on ibiza

Let it snow! Let it what?

Advent, Advent, the earth burns!


Sayings against CO2 emissions

Top 3 für sauberere Luft in den Städten

Klimaschutz demo sprüche klimawandel demosprüche - co2 ausstoß

You live in a city and suffer from car exhaust fumes? You are for electric cars and against the use of SUVs in cities? Then find your demo slogan here.

Spread love not CO2

Even more heat is not possible! CO2 is harmful

Protect the world, not the money!

Grow food! Not emissions!

No flight is wise.

Guys, stop driving, take the bus or the train!

There is no right to drive an SUV!

Heavy car, environmental gun!

Copenhagen is top, our bike path network a flop!

Engines Off!

SUV is mass, bike is class!

Short flights only for insects.

Scrap the SUVs, everyone wants to take the S-Bahn.

What I would like to see are car-free cities!

Heavy car, heavy conscience!

Out there the travel frenzy rages, while at home the wise man rests.

Car-free the whole city, ride your bike to work!

People leave the car, our legs are for walking!

Car is over!

Cycling instead of lawn!

Bicycle instead of four-wheel drive!

Cycling instead of car frustration!

Asphalt is simplicity!

Flowers instead of bitumen!

Who wants to drive a car today and torture the climate? Bike and bus and streetcar - that's what we choose!

Drive less car and pay attention to the exhaust fumes!

Have you ever thought about the fact that you are not in a traffic jam, but the traffic jam?

SUVs only for business people.

Cars are out! Öfis are in!

Traffic turnaround instead of end of the world!

Mobility for all instead of traffic for the few!

Exhaust fumes are not so fragrant!

Demo slogans against coal mining

Top 3 für saubere Energie

Klimaschutz demo sprüche klimawandel demosprüche - kohle

Forests must be cleared, huge amounts of CO2 are emitted and at the same time there are still clean alternatives. You want that to change? Find your appropriate slogan here.

Why? Why? Why? - Whoever still digs is stupid!

Fuck the coal.

No coal for coal

It is clear: The future is solar!

Coal? No thanks!

Save the poles, get out of the coal

Leave coal, oil and gas in the ground!

Protect the climate! Stop coal!

Stop coal! Climate protection now!

We won't let the future be dredged away.

There is a piece of lignite in every hurricane.

Coal in the museum!

Fossil fuels? No thanks!

Prevent weather chaos! - Coal exit now!

Dude, stop digging! - Electricity is sent to us by the sunshine!

Climate protection instead of coal pollution!

Solar systems on every roof!

Solar power plants on every balcony!

Environmental protection instead of coal dirt!

Burn fat not oil!

Zero coal. Zero oil. Zero gas.

Only the lobby needs coal

Koalas instead of coal!

Coal is no reason for dredging

Leave the coal in the ground! Let no one clear the forests!

Electricity from coal is a thing of the past.

Out of coal, into the future!

Ice poles instead of sh** coal!


Sayings against politics

Top 3 Politiker-Sprüche

Klimaschutz demo sprüche klimawandel demosprüche - politik

You are annoyed by politics and want a change? Share it with the politicians in a demo. Together we are strong.

Eco not Ego!

If the environment was a bank, you would have saved it

Climate justice instead of corporate power!

The grey gentlemen are burning up our future!

Actions instead of words!

Do not distract! Act!

Do not sacrifice our civilization for your greed!

With every day that passes unused, you put our future at risk!

The traffic light is red, but you are pushing the pedal to the metal.

Arctic is melting, Amazon is burning, Russia is burning, Germany is sleeping.

If you harm the environment, you harm us!

You can't tell us what to do!

Your climate policy kills!

There is no "or" between nature and economy!

Protect the world, not the money!


Demo slogans especially for pupils

Top 3 für unsere Zukunft

Klimaschutz demo sprüche klimawandel demosprüche - schüler

You are a student and ask yourself the question: What is the point of learning if there is no future? Fight for your future and attract attention with a meaningful demo slogan.

You do your homework, then we do our

We are young and need the world

Do it like us children - become adults

I am not learning for a destroyed future.

We strike until you act

I did not learn 4 languages to be silent now.

We do not play hooky, we fight!

I need to be able to tell my kids I did not keep quiet!

You can cope with missing lessons, climate change is not so bad!

The climate does not wait for our graduation.

Why learn when the future is at stake?

We are not playing hooky, we are on strike!

Your children have experienced snow - ours too?

We stand with Greta


General slogans for climate protection

Top 3 Sprüche für den Klimaschutz

Klimaschutz demo sprüche klimawandel demosprüche - generell

The earth is heating up, the polar caps are melting and politics is sleeping? Together we are strong - demonstrate for a better future.

Our planet, our future!

Less asphalt, more forest!

When, if not now, and who, if not you?

We want a change

The future is not indifferent

Green is better

This is a crisis. No change.

I'm sure the dinosaurs also thought they still had time.

There is no Planet B!

Climate change is uncool!

Save the future!

Plant trees!

I'm warm enough already!

Our future is melting!

So that I will continue to freeze in the future when I protest in winter.

Future-oriented does not mean postponing everything.

When the bees leave, we leave.

Please leave this place as you wish to find it!

Only my girlfriend is even hotter than the earth!

Without bees no beer, that's why we protest!

Save the earth! It is the only planet with chocolate!


Have fun at the next demonstration!

You still have a saying which should not be missing? Then please share it in the comments.


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