Design demo posters: What you should pay attention to (2020)

General information about demonstration and festival signs

A festival without a festival sign is like a demonstration without a demonstration sign - unimaginable! In many countries of the world freedom of expression is lived and loved, which is reflected in the creative activism of the population. For generations, citizens have taken to the streets to express their opinions on a wide variety of topics. One can only speculate about the origin of the first demo sign. The fact is, however, that on September 3, 1911, some 200,000 people demonstrated in Berlin for the preservation of peace, and on October 15, 1969, 250,000 people gathered in the USA at a demonstration to take a public stand on the Vietnam War. These demonstrations and thousands more are unimaginable without demonstration signs. How important it is for us in Germany to publicly announce our opinion is proven by the right to demonstrate, which is anchored as a basic right in the Basic Law.

How should a demonstration sign be set up?

A demonstration sign is not just a conventional cardboard sign. A demonstration sign is much more than just a sign. It is politics, it is self-expression, it is art, and for many it is a peaceful way to face injustice to currency.

For the successful creation of an effective demonstration sign the following should be considered:

  • Large, legible writing should be used (cursive writing is not recommended)
  • The message of a demo sign should be recognizable and understandable at the very first glance. Therefore the cardboard sign should contain only a few characters and words. Short and crisp is the motto here.
  • In order for the message of the sign to be well understood, a clear and well-planned division of the message should precede.
  • Both the number of words and the font size should be chosen so that it can be seen from a distance.
  • It is very advisable to ensure a uniform choice of colors, this also increases readability. (Too many garish colors are not recommended)
  • The content should be easy to understand for many people, not only for a small target group; as many people as possible should be addressed.
  • The sign should be described and painted with waterproof paint, so it is ready for any eventuality.

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Step by step to a successful sign

The following factors should be considered when planning a demonstration sign:

  • The weather situation: In which season does the event to which the sign is taken take place? Could it possibly rain or snow or be very windy? Is water sprayed? Will the sun shine on the sign?
  • Means of transport: Will the sign be transported to the event by car or does a festival sign have to be able to withstand several regional trains?
  • Usage: How often is the sign used? Will it be designed for a single action or should it be used several times or stored for a long time?

All these points should be considered when designing a sign. The design for a unique cardboard sign is completely different from that of a sign for permanent use. It is also possible to build a sign without a fixed message, where the temporary information is stuck or pinned on each time.

The Layout

If it was decided to use a demonstration sign or a festival sign, the layout should be discussed. In addition to the points mentioned above, it is necessary to consider which target group is to be addressed and what purpose the sign is to serve.

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The shape

When designing the perfect sign for a demonstration, there are no limits to your imagination. It can be square, rectangular, round or even triangular. The shape of a speech bubble is also a creative eye-catcher.

The text

The text should be short and concise. It is important that the text is well distributed over the existing sign area. The font size normally depends on the number of words and the size of the sign.

The color

Contrasts should be taken into account when designing colors. The sign should not be overloaded in color. In general, a monochrome background has a calming effect and lets the real message come across better. Keywords can be highlighted in color.

It is generally very advisable to sketch the sign in advance, as this way the exact layout and font size can be clearly seen.


Cardboard or cardboard signs?

As already mentioned, signs can carry their message to a wide variety of events. Once the use of the sign has been determined, the appropriate version of the sign can be chosen.

Cardboard and cardboard sign with sophisticated folding technique

The simplest and cheapest version of a demo sign is the cardboard version. It is important to pay attention to the stability when choosing the appropriate cardboard box. Since it is not always so easy to get a really fitting cardboard box, we offer you the possibility to order the perfect sign in our store. You will receive a 100% recyclable cardboard sign with a sophisticated folding technique that guarantees long-lasting stability.

Built-in handle

A clever trick to successfully carry your opinion to an event is to always keep one hand free. The signs from our online store have a built-in handle on the back of your sign. Since our light and stable cardboard signs give you the possibility to carry the sign in your hand, this is an efficient solution for every festival or demonstration visitor.

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Holders for a stick

In order to ensure that the message is recognized as far as possible, signs can increase in height. Through integrated openings for a style or stick, the cardboard signs from our store can easily be raised. Thus, there is no need to bother with elaborate holding systems.

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